Fabiola’s Fabulous Keto Friendly Lunch Salad

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The perfect keto friendly lunch at Fabiola’s

Finding safe places for a Keto Friendly Lunch while out and about tends to be one of the bigger challenges I have found on my Keto journey. There really are only a handful of places that I tend to frequent as I know already what I plan on ordering before I decide where to go. This ensures I won’t be surprised by the lack of options and be tempted to stray from my program. If you are not from around here do your own local recon and create a safe-list of go-to lunch spots so when you are meeting friends for lunch or just out doing errands you can say – YES to… lets do lunch, and keep true to your lighter life. 

Even if it is only one item on the menu that you love, it adds another spot on your list so you don’t have to eat sashimi for lunch all the time to stay low-carb!

My latest addition to my list is from Fabiola’s Bistro in Avon CT, a small hole-in-the-wall, lunch-only spot that has really great creative, home-cooked, unique options. There are only a few items on the menu that would be considered or tweaked to be a Keto Friendly Lunch but as I mentioned you only need one truly great one that will keep me coming back and Fabiola’s has got me hooked.

Keto Friendly Lunch

Fabiola’s Bistro’s new outdoor patio area

The Park Street Caesar Salad sans croutons. By now you should know I am a fan of the Caesar but this one is off-beat and special. It has dripping buffalo chicken, avocado, a few tomatoes, asiago cheese, avocado and bacon – a keto trifecta of sorts.

Keto Friendly Lunch


Before my lighter days I would visit this spot when I craved something different for lunch and was fond of this unique take on a Caesar. Little did I know at the time it would become a regular Keto Friendly Lunch option that while keeping me 30lbs down be such a satisfying meal. Sometimes, I can even add a cup of soup if I hit the daily specials right.

The Park Street Caesar is named after the street, Jennifer the long-time manager of almost 2 decades, lived on as a kid. This fun trivia revealed to me at the Old Well Tavern one night after bumping into Jennifer. She greeted me with…. “Park Street Caesar – hold the croutons, right?”. Clearly, my lifestyle precedes me.






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