Bite my Jerky!

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Some Jerky’s I have come to love…

Convenience foods and snack foods are some of the bigger challenges when adopting a keto lifestyle. I am always on the lookout for shortcut foods that have the right ratios of macros for when I am on the go.

For a while I was excited about bacon jerky but in reality it’s kinda like eating a cold piece of last Sundays fatty bacon. I like bacon and all but it should be eaten crisp and at least warm.

Recently, I stumbled upon a “Slim Jim” type meat stick jerky that had a label to impress even the most picky of clean eaters and it tasted great too. The price was right at Ocean State Job Lot – $1 a stick so I went back and stocked up only to run out again a month later.

Doing some research online I found the source and just received my 1st order from the 40 year old, well-run, Tillamook Country Smoker out of Oregon. With the free shipping offer it was a great deal. After extensive digging there are only a few products in their line that I recommend as keto friendly – The Simply Crafted – Meat Sticks. I choose the Hunters Sausage and the Uncured Pepperoni both claiming – No Nitrates, Gluten Free, No Added MSG, Minimally Processed, No artificial ingredients, Zero Trans Fats, No preservatives added. Most of their other products contain more questionable ingredients and too many carbs as most jerky is cured with sugar.

jerkyNow please be clear  – I am not suggesting that you can sustain a healthy life or even lose weight eating beef jerky all the time but as a once-in-awhile snack… These puppies are on point with only 1 – 2 carbs per stick and near perfect macro ratios that will keep you in ketosis. Eating “real food” is always the best choice but some times you need a quick on the go option that will support your low carb busy life! 

Happy Trails.


Start the new year off on the right track.

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As we approach the new year it is always a great time to reflect but an even better time to set a plan in action for the coming year that will make it your best year so far. No one wants a repeat – what we all strive for is to be better, healthier, lighter, and more successful than the year just past. To start the new year off on the right track – change is in order.

For things to change YOU need to change! If you keep doing the same things over and over you will keep getting the same results.

So what can you do to start the year of right and have it last more than just a few weeks?


  1. Know your WHY? If the reasons you need to make changes are strong enough than the facts don’t matter. The how does not matter. Whether it’s business or health related changes that are needed it is your well defined WHY that will ignite the burning desire in you to surpass all the obstacles that will surely get in the way as you strive for those worthwhile goals. Life happens, things get in the way, and yet if the pain associated with NOT accomplishing your goals is greater than the pain required to attain them, you will prevail. You will lose those pounds. You will learn what you need to learn to move forward in your chosen venture and you will not quit until you win. So.. figure it out – take the time and decide WHY it matters to you. WHY are you willing to make those shifts in your lifestyle to make this coming new year the best yet.
  2. Expect to win! We tend to self-sabotage by looking to our past experiences and failures. Not this new year! I feel that I have discovered a breakthrough with this ketogenic lifestyle that few people have discovered yet. This lifestyle is empowering as the results are so dramatic and rapid that for the first time in years I am in total control of my weight, my mental clarity, and with how I feel overall. Once you have lived and know for yourself the power of this secret you can expect to win as well. Commit to living in ketosis for the next 30 days and watch the magic happen for yourself.
  3. Find a partner and set some goals. It is so much easier to make a shift in lifestyle with a friend or spouse than it is to go it alone. My wife and I eat and cook together as often as we can and we coach and inspire each other to make proper food choices so that we can both arrive at our weight and health goals together. When we hit a goal we celebrate with a date night out on the town someplace special and we look good doing it too!
  4. Get set up for success. Do you know what your downfalls are? The times and situations where you are most vulnerable to slipping into old ways and behaviors? Are you an evening snacker? Do you tend to blow things off (eating-wise) when you are with family and friends? Know yourself and prepare to succeed by having the tools and foods in place to bring with you if needed. I always have a low carb (net 1 carb) cookie dough bite bar with me at all times just in case. It satisfies my emotional need for something sweet (In ketosis you don’t really physically crave carbs its more of a residual need of the mind.)
  5. Leave something behind. In order to make room for the new, you must shed some old habits, mistakes, disappointments, fears or toxic relationships that don’t serve you. Blame, procrastination, comparing yourself to others, will not move you forward in the year ahead. Something positive and great can now take its place when you create the space for it.

 Happy New Year my friends. Looking forward to a deliciously lighter new year together.

Be Well,