Hey There, Thanks for stopping by. Super excited to have you here! I’m Adam, and when I am not playing tennis, water gardening, food shopping or enjoying happy hour and the view from our deck I find time to share my latest recipes, foodie finds, and all-around-yummy-intel on these pages.

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So… EverydayKetoGourmet – comes from the lifestyle shift inspired by my wife Lisa that has enabled me to lose 26lbs in just 6 weeks and keep it off.  A little background – We are serious foodies who love to eat out and cook real wholesome food while entertaining at home.

I do all of the shopping and much of the cooking and meal planning. I hunt for the best ingredients and shop several times a week. We both work from home. Lisa is a world-class designer (need photo holiday cards?) and I am a professional networker so my evenings are real busy, therefore I have little time to cook on weeknights for the family. 

Think – Mom Cook meets Keto meets Gourmet! Dinner needs to be made in 45 minutes or less – low carb or Keto friendly – and needs to be good.

After weeks of navigating this low carb food landscape I had to share the successes and creations that have made living a ketogenic lifestyle a do-able option that’s a life worth living!

A few years ago Lisa decided she had to make a change – she had been gaining those extra few pounds each year and was not OK with the direction she was headed. She did not want to look like her Mom when she reached that age and resolved to figure it out. (by the way, her Mom looks great today as she had a bariatric surgery – scaring complications nearly killed her – but has been successful in keeping the weight off with her new smaller stomach.) Lisa did not like the extreme measures her mom opted to go through to get control of her weight and chose a preventative path instead.

A nutritionist friend put Lisa on program called – Ideal Protein. An expensive, and not the healthiest program, of pre-packaged snacks and processed foods, but the education about Ketosis was priceless.

It took about 10 days to get Lisa into Ketosis eating all the right foods in the right amounts. No wine, No potatoes – and for 3 months this went on. As the main cook in the house I was doubling up on leafy greens and veggies making sure Lisa had the proper items each night.

This was not much of a lifestyle but more of a life sentence!

But the results…. Amazing! It was like body sculpting – Fat melted away from all the right spots – down 25lbs and over a dozen inches around her body.. gone! Let the shopping begin! New clothes and great old ones that fit once more. It was the most success either of us had ever seen trying to lose weight.

Lisa continued with this shift in her lifestyle as best she could living with our 2 teenage daughters and I pulling her back towards carbs at every turn. Lisa would never go back – 2 years later only 5-6 of those lost pounds ever returned.

While the girls and I were eating buns with our burgers she did not. Mashed potatoes were out and cauliflower was in. At restaurants she choose lower carb options and asked for substitutions when available.

She was an inspiration and I was at max density – gravity challenged – and at my highest weight – 220.5lbs. Even as a weekly active USTA singles tennis player my weight remained.

Then a shortcut to Ketosis arrived in our life that changed everything! We found a way to get into the state of ketosis quickly and a program to make it easy and sustainable. This discovery got me on board – The shift was on. I hope you’ll join me in this amazing journey as I have become carb-conscious for the first time and I feel great! Please feel free to comment on the recipes and rants as we live this lighter lifestyle together.

Before and after – down 26lbs in 6 weeks.

 AdamBefore220 AdamAfter194

Today, I am down to my goal weight of 190 – 30 pounds less, and I have kept that weight off for over 4 years. I have personally coached hundreds of people, one-on-one to make the shift to living lighter without feeling like they are giving anything up. If you would like the kick-start you think you may need to go keto – I can help.

Get started with our private, one-on-one keto-lifestyle coaching today. You will be amazed at how simple and tasty it can be.